My Natural Hair Journey, Chapter 11: 12 Months in Pictures

Posting this entry makes me realize how very fast this year has flown by.   It also is a stark reminder of how few pictures I took of myself before my natural hair journey began.    My six months in transition pictures, posted here, continues to be one of my most popular posts.  So with a year now under my proverbial belt, I thought it was time for more pictures.

This was where it all started last year, with me getting what would be my last perm right before our visit to snow-laden Georgia for Christmas.

For sure, I’ve had some hits, like this late spring night when I celebrated with my daughter her science award,

or this day, when I was just feeling plain  sassy (smile).

Then, there are the misses, like when I wanted to experience the freedom of natural hair all too soon at the beach,

or the many days when I was just lacking in my mastery of technique.

As points of comparison, this is my braid-out in January, one month after my last relaxer (so you are looking at over 90% permed hair),

and then in October (looking at about 50% permed hair).

The braid-out is not my favorite look on me, although it is far less work than a twist-out.   However, at least for right now, I prefer more curls.

Curls mean that my hair looks shorter, and that, combined with the fact that type 4 hair can shrink up to 75% of its full length, means that as my natural hair grows in, it actually looks  shorter…and shorter.    That is perhaps my biggest adjustment at this season of the transition: knowing that each time I cut out more of the perm, I’m growing more of a bobbed look and losing the shoulder-length flexibility I enjoyed for many, many years.   I call it an “unintentional style change.”   LOL!!!

In any case, here is the “before” look,

and the “after”–right before my next cut this week.

For sure, I won’t post as many “chapters” of my hair journey in 2012.   Much of the transition at this point is a waiting game, although I do have some other thoughts in mind.  Also, picture after picture of my hair and face almost seems self-aggrandizing, and I’ve prayed that this transition will never become an idol.   I still laugh that the posts of my natural hair journey are the most searched posts on my blog.   Well, if God gets the glory, so be it.    Many blessings to you, however you got here.


5 thoughts on “My Natural Hair Journey, Chapter 11: 12 Months in Pictures

  1. So glad this journey is going so well for you. What a blessings you are to many. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas. We are on break until the New Year! Hurray.


  2. That’s so interesting how your hair keeps getting shorter as you cut more perm off! I’m thinking it’s just gotta feel good not dumping chemicals on your scalp on a regular basis anymore. Also, it’s fascinating to me how different every woman’s hair is. What intrigues me most of all is just the idea of women embracing their own beauty at whatever age, stage, curl, length (etc!) of hair they have….and teaching our girls to do the same. I for one am going to grow my hair back out; I miss it long (though I’ve enjoyed it short). With regards to coloring….it’s still a bugaboo for me. I *hate* the time and expense, but unfortunately I don’t feel taken as seriously in the community when I’m gray (it’s like, what, she’s lazy?). (And do I care too much what other people think?) Plus….right or wrong with my pregnancy I feel *extra* pressure to look colored (aka “normal” in these parts). I think when I hit menopause I will surely rejoice in going back to gray! You, my friend, look gorgeous!

    Got your meat and veggies ready for Saturday? 😀

    Love to you,
    Keri Mae


    • It feels good to be chemical-free is right, my dear friend. My hair feels so thick, curly and downright luscious (at least to me and the hubby!) until I absolutely hate that it took me two years after I started working with our daughters. Now if I can be patient with the length–and hopefully it will grow longer without me stretching it to remember what it once was–I’ll really be able to rejoice!


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