Should a Christian Vote in 2012, and if so, How?

I’ll be honest with you.  I’ve stayed largely away from all the political drama that has transpired over the last few months.   As we come ever closer to November 6th, much of what I’ve seen disappoints me greatly.    I’ve never felt so torn as to how to vote, and sometimes if to vote, than I have been this year.   I have never felt more called to pray than with this election, since, quite candidly, I don’t see an obvious “good” choice.  What I do see is a stage being increasingly set for more divisiveness, more disarray, and more blame and finger-pointing either way.   So, for both of you who are still reading (hi!!), our pastor really spoke my heart this past Sunday.   I believe he also expressed the heart of God when he talked about our responsibilities as Christians–not as followers of any Party, and not as people of whatever skin we’re in– when it comes to this voting season.   His message was simple, but so profound until I felt the need to summarize what he said.


1. Voting is good stewardship.   We should vote.

2. As believers, we make our choices heard IN LOVE.

3. However, we must not forget who we really are.

Galatians 3: 28-29

Hebrews 11:13

Ephesians 2:19

4. Don’t get caught up in all the fighting and hostility as though one man or party holds all the solutions.

5. As Christians, we need to vote both our convictions and beliefs.

6. At the same time, ultimately we should be praying and looking to God for our solutions and never cease to establish His Kingdom.


Know this, followers of Christ.   A God encounter can come into the White House at any moment and change our world.    We don’t have time for rhetoric and propoganda; we need to bombard heaven for REVIVAL.


I am Belinda Bullard, and I approve of this message.



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