Where’ve you been, girlfriend?

If I slowed down for a moment to ponder my words, I would probably write a more eloquent post.  But, my determination to get this out before the month ends leads me to sacrifice eloquence in the name of expedience.

The irony of not writing a blog post since New Year’s Day is that I have perhaps spent an unprecedented amount of time figuring out how to best use my time and resources.   Clear as mud, right?  I’ve had moments of confusion myself.   Though I’m not a maker of resolutions at this point in my life, I believe very much in a plan.   Moreover, I believe in bringing vessel s for the Lord to pour into in accordance with 2 Kings 4.   I don’t want to limit what God has for me to do because I spent time in places that were off track of His purpose for me.  I want to bring him every vessel I have—each gift, each talent, each desire.  And I want everything I put my hands to—whether a business, or a child, or a college student, or even a blog post—to be something that He can anoint to grow and be productive.   So, where are my hands fruitful, and what activities are a misuse of my limited hours?

I am convinced that the reason so many stay-at-home/ work-at-home moms never actually realize their dreams—outside of the urgent, “right now” tasks—is because we are too busy meeting those urgent needs to step back and write something down.   Because it is not written down, executing the task is near impossible.   So at the beginning of the year, while attending a mini-conference, I simply wrote down some business goals.   I categorized my list according to what was within my control, and what was outside of my control.   And I began to execute against those goals.   Yet, because my direction was already in motion even before the new year, I took what I felt was a necessary step in being social media savvy (increasing my social media savvy-ness is one of my goals):  I separated  my one-size-fits-all blog into two separate blogs.   The idea is to focus on business-related topics—home education, family, and faith as it relates to it all—on a blog that is linked to the business website.

blessed heritage blog pic

On this blog, I would post those topics that have nothing to do with the afore-mentioned categories.  Potential customers are probably not interested in my natural hair journey, or my smoothie recipes.   Then again, I have been surprised!  At any rate, I’m hopefully headed in a direction that will allow me to establish A Blessed Heritage Educational Resources on a different level of stage.

Having said all of that, the problem with having two blogs is that I was just holding my head above water with one blog before the split—ha ha!!     Aaaannnddd, as if that was not enough, because I spent all of this introspective time with my goals and plans, neither blog got much attention!   It will not always be this way; I just needed to back up and determine a strategy that manages what I want to do online with the business, with my work and family life, and of course, with the Lord.   So, I pray that you will pardon the mental dust that this blog is collecting while I get back on track.

Until I actually slow down and write more than a monthly update, here are some other high-level thoughts I have had, and bits and pieces of what has transpired in our lives:

Almost every day, I have helped the oldest with some phase of a scholarship application—a post that will probably show up on the other blog, as I hope that our daily activities and associated headaches will be a blessing to others who are nearing this season in their own lives.


I have at least two hair posts that are in the wings.   Can’t wait for that, right? (smile).

belinda with braid out jan 2013

Also, my husband and I have gotten serious about cutbacks around the house, and I’ve been marinating with this whole concept of extreme couponing.   Does it work–really?   That’s my next post.  I’d love to hear from couponing friends regarding how you save on groceries, or from would-be couponers who have ideas.   Our first week of this led us to buy a newspaper for $2.50; we used 75 cents worth of coupons.    I’m decidedly in the R&D phase of coupon shopping.

This promises to be a special year, and I am excited about sharing it–or not sharing, as the Spirit and time lead–with you.   Blessings, dear friends.


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