It’s Spring, for Goodness’ Sake

Between preparing for a high school senior’s graduation ceremony, working, and trying to stay above water with writing deadlines, my poor blogs have gone neglected for far too long.   I anticipate that once school ends for us in a matter of 2-1/2 weeks, I will be able to get back to penning my heart and mind.   Of course, at that point, writing will compete with the time I plan to paint and re-wallpaper, plus the time I’ll spend getting our daughter off to school.   In the meantime, there are some simple tidbits that I’d love to share about what has been happening around our home.

Months ago, my dear friend Keri suggested in a post about impending spring, ‘I bet if you took your own walk, you’d see signs of the new season as well. And, like me, the twenty minutes or so of fresh air would be a welcome charge to encourage you in whatever projects you are working on, new ones and all.’   Ironically enough, we have had an unseasonably cool March and April here in coastal Texas; when I first began this draft, there was hardly any spring to see!  (Yeah, that’s why I’ve not been writing).   We still haven’t had the consistent number of days in the 80-degree temps that are the norm for this time of year, but it has been warm enough for my husband to begin a spring garden.

It has been 2 years since we last had a garden.  I have a number of fond memories about our last garden.   Neither my husband nor I felt that we had time or energy for a garden, but my FIL was insistent that our youngest needed a garden.   So he came out and dug one, planted seeds with her, and we all enjoyed the fruits of his labor.   But, in two years, diabetes has transformed an outdoor-loving, country boy at heart into a mere shell of himself, with a body that is confined to the limitations of his walker and wheelchair.    So the task of clearing grass, seeding, weeding, etc., fell upon the shoulders of my husband, with an increased workload for the youngest.   Hey, she is 2 years older!

Our mimosa treee is also positioned to bloom any day now.

I wrote a post years ago about the symbolism of the mimosa tree for our family.  Yes, it is still my favorite view in the backyard.   Funny, in reviewing the post, I realized that we were going through some tough areas with our son during that time.   We still have to have that occasional “do you know how blessed you are” talk, but I am thankful to say that we are in a very different place now, thank God.

On last weekend, it finally warmed up and, since I was tied up with my beginner dessert decoration skills being put to the test, my husband took over the cleaning of the flower beds, including the clear-out of all the dead banana tree foliage that occurs each winter.   God bless him.    Now the tree can do its “Lazarus” routine.

I wonder if I will ever see an actual banana sprout from here, but I suspect the only production from these sweet-smelling babies will be ant hills.  Our south just isn’t far south enough.

With the number of activities that are quickly filling our days over the next few weeks and months, I reflect on Keri’s words and realize she was right.    This was a worthwhile diversion, and a great taste of fresh, albeit cooler, air.

What around-the-house projects are you anticipating this spring and summer?


One thought on “It’s Spring, for Goodness’ Sake

  1. I’m looking forward to ridding the property of the trees that succumbed to the harsh drought…about 8 in all. also looking forward to fresh paint, outer house repair and…HOPEFULLY…having the flood gates open and allow for the purchase of a new refrigerator and double oven stove to replace the ones that are on their last legs!

    Also wondering and anticipating what this first summer with a “kid home from college” will be like. I’m sure it will be a new experience/journey as well!

    Ready for all that time, patience and seeding will bring in this summer’s harvest!


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