Red Light, Green Light: Enjoying “Alone” Time

Signal Light

As our family grows, we have one child leaving for college in the fall.    To say the very least, this has been a time of stretching, spiritually and otherwise, for our family.   When I took our daughter to her orientation, I received a real-time message regarding the separation that is nearing once I reviewed her color-coded orientation schedule.   There were several events which, according to the schedule’s legend, we could attend as a family.   Then there were events that were scheduled for me to hear information for a parent’s perspective.   But the other items were a stark reminder of the days to come: in red were the places I could not go.   She had to complete that part of the orientation process alone.  So it is in life: there are places where we must grow and flourish alone.   Join me over at “Joy Comes in the Morning” for the rest of my thoughts on enjoying time alone.



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