The Power of Life and Death is Where?

An online friend and I were discussing the possibility of a partnership in a business endeavor when the conversation turned toward our personal testimonies.    What struck me initially as she began to share with me, a relative stranger, was that she did not gloss over the parts of her story that were not so pretty; she did not speak as one condemned, or even as one who cared much about what I thought of her end of the conversation.   Much to the contrary, in her voice was a kind of triumph that can only come from accepting God’s redemptive power.     Even more amazing than her disclosures—tales that would drop the jaws of most at the ladies’ tea or the Deaconess Board—was a common thread that I felt as so much of her pain resonated with me from my own trials.   Read more about my conversation, and my thoughts on the power of the tongue here


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