My Natural Hair Journey, Chapter 23: One Year Later…

In December 2010, I made a decision: I would stop perming/ straightening my hair and allow my natural hair to grow.    My hair had been straightened in one way or another since I was about 6-7 years old, and I literally had no idea what might be the end result of my decision.  After a 21-month transition phase to rid my hair of harsh chemicals, I cut out the last of my permed hair on September 2012.

bbullard totally natural sep 2012

So, on my 1-year “hair-versary,” I thought it’d be appropriate/ interesting to take a look at where I am.   To begin with, one year later, my hair is thicker and healthier.

One year later, I am in love (on most days) with my kinky, coily, sometimes nappy curls

bbullard twist out sep 2013 pic 3

One year later, my husband and I have new laughs over my Celie-like appearance at bedtime, and a new common love–hair that doesn’t smell burned from flat ironing, and that loves to feel his fingers run through it.

One year later, I have taken more pictures of myself than I had taken in 10-20 years with permed hair.   And though a part of me is very wary of idolatry and thinking more of myself than I ought, I am also thankful for capturing memories that will last a lifetime.

reg and b in sep 2013 pic 5

I see pictures of celebrities who give a sneak peek of their natural tresses via Instagram, as if they are making statements, only to sport the 20+-inch weaves down the runways.   I know that there are others who decided to grow their natural hair because it’s the latest “thing” in hair fashion, and will adjust themselves toward whatever becomes the next fad.    For me, the decision to grow my natural head of hair was, one year later, a decision that changed my entire life.


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