My Natural Hair Journey, Chapter 24: A Pictorial of my Henna Experience

Well, after months and years of deliberating, I finally did it.

henna journey sep 2013 pic 2

I probably vacillated with this decision almost as much as I hesitated to go natural in the first place, for all the reasons I shared in this post.   Yet, when I listened to increasingly more people talk about how young my husband looks, I have to say that I became, well,…jealous.   So, with a fair amount of trepidation, since I’d never come close to dying or rinsing my hair before, I agonized for hours over suppliers’ websites, color comparisons, and e-books on henna, and then began my journey.

To say the very least, once I realized what an arduous task covering my head with this paste would be, combined with seeing a couple of fingers turn red (minor clean-ups before I put on gloves), I was tempted to change course mid-stream.    But, if the task was to be fulfilled…

(cue the winding clock…)

3-1/2 hours after allowing the henna dye to release, 3-1/2 more hours of the paste to sit on my head, plus time in between to apply the paste and clean everything the paste touched (before it turned red), my gray was replaced with a nice strawberry blond.

henna results sep 2013

As promised by several of my henna veteran friends, this color deepened into less blond and more red within 3-4 days.


It might be a small step for man, but it was a giant step for Belinda-kind, allowing me to step back from this ,

  bbullard twist aug 2013

and travel back about 20 years with this look, and no concern about showing too much gray.

bbullard pull back twist out sep 2013 pic 2

Will I stick with it?   Quite honestly, I am not sure, especially if my hair needs this level of time and attention 1x/month–the henna application literally took my whole day!  I have entirely too much to do in any given day to spend the whole day on my hair.  BUT, for expanding my hairstyle options without the concern of a primarily gray hairline, this was a journey that I’d gladly embark upon once again.

Here are great sites and links to e-books and forums regarding henna on hair: (see this article, one of many– and see Curly Nikki’s Henna article collection)


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