Helping Your Child Realize His Dreams (even when it gives YOU Nightmares!)

My parents were children of the Great Depression.   If you have ever been around people who grew up in that kind of whole scale lack, you know that it creates an indelible mark on a person’s psyche about survival and success. Education was key, especially since my father had to leave school at an early age to help the family earn money. So was being self-sufficient and financially independent as an adult.  So imagine my thoughts and emotions when our son, who had dreams of becoming anything from an agent for the CIA to an attorney, confessed his heart’s true desire: he wants to perform on stage.   Read more of how we chose to handle his decision in this month’s edition to “Joy Comes in the Morning”…


One thought on “Helping Your Child Realize His Dreams (even when it gives YOU Nightmares!)

  1. I too came face to face with this very real fact on our parenting journey. Although, in hind sight, I must admit that I saw it coming long before I wanted to acknowledge or accept what was coming. Our oldest is articulate, charismatic, intelligent and quite persuasive. In the early years, I was sure (or really I just “hoped”) he’d use those talents and find his way to law school just like his mama! Um…yeah, that was ALL ME! Truthfully, since his very first birthday party when he decided to sing, dance and perform right along side the Chuck E Cheese performers that kid was DESTINED to follow HIS heart’s desire which is to perform, entertain and captivate audiences. Years have passed and no matter what, or whom, has tried to subtley or overtly steer him toward a different path, his heart beats to answer that artistic call inside of him. I’m thankful for a wise husband who was able to catch, challenge and encourage me to see our son for who GOD fashioned him to be and not what I’d be more comfortable with him being. He’s gifted…in many ways, he amazes me with the things and ideas that he is blessed to conceptualize. I marvel at how much he loves each and everyone of his college subjects yet always finds some connection between what he’s learning in class and honing/improving his craft. I don’t know what the Lord has in store for him, but I do know that with his head and heart completely surrendered to God, what can’t he do or become? Even it it looks NOTHING like the “safe”, “traditional” or “acceptable” path that society would applaud and respect. Now…I’m open for whatever because I see that HE truly believes that his talents are from the Lord and he refuses to bury them and have no increase on them when the master returns for an accounting! 🙂


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