Thanksgiving, and Being in the Moment

How was your Thanksgiving?   Mine was grand–not grand in a big, overdone, gluttonous way, but grand in that I deliberately took time to be in the moment.   So, I thought to write quickly and capture said moment, even if my cell phone doesn’t do justice to this bunch.

We are at that season as an extended family where the baton has now been passed; I shared with my husband that, as a woman, it is a humbling transition from that place in which the largest responsibility you have to the Thanksgiving dinner is to sit and enjoy it, to the place where everyone is hungry, and they are looking to you for some satisfaction.   To be sure, this is not the first year I cooked the family meal, but it was the first year in which I stopped to smell the proverbial roses, or rather, gumbo, and chicken with crawfish dressing,  (So much for the traditional meal, which never quite worked for hubby and me).

We also ate, laughed, and had a marvelous time in the midst of a SIL who missed the holiday unexpectedly while working overseas, and a FIL who has health challenges.   Also, we celebrated as the oldest returned home from college for the first time.   So, as I thought about this day and all that I have to be thankful for, my first thought was about family.

Grandma with me, the oldest, the youngest, and our lovely niece

My hubby with “Pa Pa,” our son, and our nephew, the funniest kid you’ll ever meet

Having lost my mother in ’92 and my father in ’97, I look at grandparents in a different way.   Not a day goes by that I don’t think about one or both of them.   But I am glad that our kids get to cherish memories with the parents who are here.   The kids even have a great grandmother around to remember!   She is not pictured–at 95, she doesn’t get out much.  Yet, minus one grandchild (who gets out a lot!), the moment was not lost on those who could be here.

The oldest, our son, and the youngest, plus our niece and nephew

So, what moments remain, now that the green bean cassarole has been appropriately placed in easy reach for leftover meals and the kitchen is restored?   A simple, but scrumptious meal (if I say so myself), and a chance to hug and smile together once more.

Happy Thanksgiving, friends.   May you turn your backs on Madison Avenue’s view of this season and create moments for yourselves.


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