Making Good Food Choices

It was not until a few days ago when I looked at the date of my last post, and I then began to stress.   Though I try to give myself a break on frequency of posts, when I write, etc., I also want to be purposeful about using the blog and fulfilling God’s plan for me in this moment.    I also have a couple of new opportunities that will challenge me even more regarding my time, so I need to step back and work on a realistic blogging schedule.   ‘Nuff said.

One of the reasons that it has taken me a moment to write is because we were out of town for at least a week (not to mention a wild start to the new year), and we are just returning into town.    We had a blast—our nephew got married, our son took a brief college tour, and we took our first ride in an Everglades airboat.

There is a reality to long days on the road, especially when the anticipated number of hours in the car scream fast food.   Now, I realize that a number of fast food restaurants have changed their game, but who chances a salad, etc., at the drive-through?   So, we did what we could with at least one sushi run and at least one smoothie, and made somewhat of a compromise with sandwiches and chicken rather than burgers.  But the kids loved the occasional stop at Sonic, and who could pass through Louisiana without a bite of crawfish boudin?

On the way home, the kids decided to try McDonalds’ new smoothies.   In keeping with my earlier hypothesis about fast-food restaurants changing the game–not, the smoothie was ready and waiting for us almost before it was ordered.   Watching me lovingly, painstakingly slice fruits and veggies here at home, the kids were immediately suspect of the quality.   Good.  They are learning.   Nevertheless, they enjoyed the semi-sweetness of the (I think) berries.   While slurping them down, the youngest saw something that she mistakenly thought was a flax seed.   We talked about all the possibilities of what this speck could be (nothing gross, mind you), but we assured her that McDonalds’ probably had not bothered to put flax seeds in her smoothie.

I had to laugh as we continued this discussion.   Flax seeds–really??!!   I love the fact that, even though our kids laugh at me over my seemingly weird, ever-changing habits regarding what we eat,  they are being exposed to a completely different health standard–that is a good thing.  Of course, growing up in the 70’s, no one was talking about trans-fats or gluten-freedom, and I do not remember meeting a vegetarian or vegan until I was practically a grown-up.   I can clearly remember Crisco shortening, orange juice concentrate, white bread, and fried pork chops (or chicken or fish).   My poor mom was brutally rebuffed by my sister when she tried to substitute turkey necks for the traditional (and heavier) ham hock in our collards.   Thank God I was able to start a bit earlier with the kids.   Like I said, they laugh at me, but they eat—well.   And thanks primarily to my husband and our son, I eat much better than I once did, too.

Am I there yet?  Not at all.  I still love my desserts too much.   When the youngest decided to lead my husband and me through her dance workout, I quickly found out that yes, when you don’t use it, you DO lose it!   I also had a revelation at the wedding reception: at nearly 50 years old, my knees did not want to get “low, low, low, low…” as Nelly suggests in that song “Apple Bottom Jeans.”   But, I press on toward the mark…a green smoothie here and there, raw foods where I can, no pork, less beef.  I finally admitted to myself that I am an aspiring pescatarian.   We will see where that confession goes given my ground-sirloin-laden menu plan this week.

Not regimented, but intentional is what I am striving for in this season.   Tonight, I have my mind set on a double chocolate cake, if I can get up the energy to bake.   But, I am also glad to have enjoyed my Thai noodle bowl, made with tofu as a substitute for chicken, earlier tonight.

thai noodle bowl fall 2013 shot 3

(Hmmm…Recipes later?  Maybe).

Yeah, intentional works for me.


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