On the Winning Side: What WE Can Learn from Mandisa and Natalie Grant

There was a time in my life, primarily during college, when the Grammy award show was must-see television.   My friends and I spent hours masking as red-carpet critics of every host speech, award speech, and costume as our favorite acts performed our favorite tunes.   But music, and television in general, was very different then.   Now, I do not know most of the acts, and the ones with which I am familiar, I know for all the wrong reasons.    So I was intrigued, even excited, when I read two separate articles on Grammy-nominated Christian music artists Mandisa  and Natalie Grant either choosing to leave the Grammys early, or not to attend at all.

You nor I may never have to make a decision to walk out of an awards show; most of the people who care enough about what we do to follow us online grew up perhaps within a few miles of the place we call home.   But there are choices that each of us are called to make each day—choices that either draw us nearer to Christ or pull us farther apart.   Read more of my thoughts in this month’s contribution to Joy Comes in the Morning…Blessings to each of you, dear friends.


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