The Wind of Change (to my Door Decor, that is)

It’s springtime again, and as I (once again) revamp my front door wreath, I was reminded of this post from a few years back. Here’s to making your dwelling warm and welcoming for ministry, friends.

The Blessed Heritage

We didn’t get the rain, but instead lasted through the windy side of Lee.   When I say windy, I mean wwwwiiiiiiiinnnnnddddddy.    The last of the fake flowers that had become little more than a hiding place for the occasional lizard fell off the wreath that hung on our door.    On a day when I was already feeling rather melancholy, it looked like yet another thing that went wrong for me.    So when I saw Amy Bayliss’s post introducing the “You Made a Wreath out of What?” challenge (including a wreath she made of shower curtains–no foolin’!!), I saw it as a sign.    How very timely!     So I discarded the eyesore old flowers and  thought about how I might use this foundation to create something new.

It occurs to me how attractive this wreath is on its own as I looked at it, but with an off-white door and off-white…

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