Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

When our daughter sent home some of her swimsuit sketches, I thought perhaps the camera was off in its angle, making the sketches disproportionately long.   I questioned her regarding the length of the legs.   Her response was disturbing.   She said that students are required to submit sketches in which the model is 10 inches long, with 4 inches allotted for the hips, torso, neck and head.   To put it simply, the models in her sketches must have 6-inch legs.   With all due apologies to any serious candidates for models/ volleyball/ basketball players who might read this article, how many of us have legs that make up 3/5 of our bodies?  Then, our daughter articulated exactly what I was thinking as I did my math: ‘It’s all about the ideal body, Mom, and looking long and thin.’

Unfortunately, this is not news.

The statistics based upon female images in the media and their impact, especially on young girls, are startling.  Read more in this month’s contribution to Joy Comes in the Morning.






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