How God Speaks

There are facets of the Bible that leave me in awe.   One of those areas is how God spoke to people.  Even before He met Moses on Mount Sinai, He spoke to him through a burning bush.   He woke Samuel several times from his sleep.  The prophets, nor the disciples, ever had to wonder about their calling (though they might have been reluctant to follow it); they were told exactly what to do.    Sometimes when I am awake at night, I wonder: Lord, why can’t you speak to me like that?   How about you–how do you hear the voice of God? 

I have concluded over the years that one of the ways God speaks to me is through very simple metaphors.   I could preach a sermon after weeding my garden.   I once literally watched a train stop and then back up—complete with the rail crossing reversal—as I prayed about my need to get to a certain place on time.   I had a similar experience when our daughter shared the fun she had in a game of “Red Rover.”

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Read more about what she said, and what I learned, here in this month’s contribution to Joy Comes in the Morning.



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