For God So Loved the World

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At the start of each new year, I find myself amazed–and amused–at the level of attention that we often place on new year’s resolutions. It would seem to be that somehow with that particular turning of the clock, we feel the need to “get it right.” Yet, by mid-year (exactly where we are as I write), I know personally that I begin to spend time dreading those things that I didn’t pay attention to, and settling into the reality that my break is quickly coming to a serious halt. I choose to stop short of a pity party; otherwise, it would be easy to beat myself up for all of those lacks of accomplishment.


One of the reasons I made a conscious decision to stop with all of the hullabaloo, so to speak, of resolutions was because I found myself almost too focused on me–my weight, my time, my goals, etc. This whole thinking process of what I will do for me has unintentionally become a common thread throughout many areas of my life.  Please join me as I share more via Women Walking With Jesus at









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