A Daily Choice to be “Real”

Dependent upon our church upbringing, we are commonly taught, or I should say, mis-taught, that every demon we had before we are saved immediately leaves us once Jesus enters our hearts. Sometimes when this doesn’t happen, people will refer to it as a “bad” salvation experience (as opposed to a “good” salvation experience). Our continued desire to smoke, or to commit fornication, or to gossip or murmur is symbolic of this alleged bad experience. The honest truth is that, short of God’s healing and deliverance, the same demons that chased us before the Lord found us are the same demons that will haunt us after the Lord found us. The Word shows us that, though he walked with Jesus, Judas remained greedy and self-centered. Even Eve and then Adam, with the potential to be more spiritually intimate with God than anyone in the Bible, did not trust Him to give them all that they needed.   I speak more about our daily choices here on Lisa Shaw’s blog.


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