“MWAH” Will Never Be a Real Kiss

If you spend any time in social media networks, you might find this situation familiar.

I belong to a Facebook group. The group is composed of a number of moms who share common ground. The posts that surface in the group should also reflect that common ground. But there is a problem.

Inevitably, someone posts a hot topic–too hot, in fact, to be posted into an online venue with no context. And someone else is offended. In fact, the someone else is livid, and in a heated exchange of rapidly-moving fingers–several sets of them as others decide to join in–there is a virtual 15 rounds before an administrator must step in. What is worst is that sides have been chosen, and all of our insecurities, anxieties and fears are now in plain sight. The landscape of the group’s dialogue has been changed forever (or at least for as long as the members’ collective memory lasts).

Read more of my thoughts regarding online relationships versus having flesh-and-blood interaction here in my monthly contribution to Joy Comes in the Morning’s blog.   Be blessed, dear friends.


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