Into Each Life, Some [Serious Water] Must Fall

When I wrote my post “When the News is NOT Good,” I was referencing all of the physical ailments that existed around me at the time.  Praise God, the people whom I continue to lift up to the Lord are all progressing now.   Little did I know that I’d have a real life opportunity to put my proverbial money where my mouth is; the real dough might be spent elsewhere without divine intervention.

Our home is now 15 years old.  After the number of repairs/ replacements we’ve made to the home, I am convinced that the shelf life of most exterior home products (and many interior products as well), is about the same–15 years.   So, though disappointed, we weren’t too surprised when we began to notice  a leak in our AC line.   We had ice in our attic.  In the summer.   Time to call a repairman.

The first outfit came, looked around, and pointed to our drain pan, which we knew was rusty.  He also flushed the lines–so he said–in order to clear the way for water that wasn’t draining from the primary drain (which is why water had begun to drip through, and then rust, the drip pan).

Maybe our ears were deceiving us as we noticed that both the upstairs and downstairs units sounded worse than they sounded before the “repair.” However, there was no mistaking the drip that began later that evening–the drip that continued into the next day…and the next day. And there was no denying that by the end of day 2, these repairmen were not rushing to return to fix their original fix. In fact, the repairman called us on day 2 to say that his babysitting arrangements fell through.   Don’t get me wrong; as a parent, I totally understand that family is first, and leaving a child alone for any reason is unacceptable.   However, given the fact that we’d been contacting the company regularly and they knew the situation, and given that the repairman called well before the company was closing, was a back-up plan too much to ask?   Apparently, so, which reduced the little that was left of this company’s integrity, from our perspective, to nothing.   Resisting the urge to stop payment on their check, we severed our ties with them, especially after their next plan of action was to show up the next morning and “fix the fix”–for $1800.

I could go into more detail. We called out a second company that was honest enough to say that they couldn’t unclog the line (which meant that the first company COULDN’T have done what it claimed to do), and then a third friend-of-a-friend who used his commercial-oriented equipment to do exactly what needed to be done. But what is most important to me right now is that we have a mess. And like most women, our home means more to me than 4 walls: it is sanctity and security, and right now, it’s in semi-shambles.   NOTE: the pictures don’t do justice to what happened here.


You can see where the wall has shifted as the sheet rock grew weak, and those cherry-colored “smiles” were once pockets of water.  I poked little holes in the paint to help the water drain.


As my feet squished through the carpet–much like walking through rain puddles in flip-flops–I forgot all about responding to bad news with a spirit that acknowledges the Father anyhow.   I was MAD.

However, if I live out my words, and more importantly, if I live out THE Word, I have to address this as a child of the King.   I must make my request known to the Father with thanksgiving, and receive His peace, which passes human understanding.   I am compelled, then, to remember my blessings, even in the midst of this situation:

1) None of us were harmed.

2) The house is still intact and livable.

3) All contractors/ repairmen since this fiasco have operated in integrity, with cost estimates that are significantly lower than we expected.

4) I learned a thing or two about air conditioning and repair work.

5) I also learned a thing or two about idolatry, and the proper place of things in our lives.

6) By the time this is over, we will have new upstairs floors, and our son’s room will be repainted with fresh, new walls and ceilings.

I’m no HGTV program candidate just yet, but I’ll use this experience for the better, I know!

Behold, I am the Lord, the God of all flesh.  Is anything too difficult for me?  Jeremiah 32:27.


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