The Romans 8:28 Rebuild

To the best of my limited photo/ blogging ability, I tried to describe the near catastrophe that took place in our home last month when a repairman called himself fixing our AC unit, which is (not so) conveniently located in our attic.   Once we worked through the many emotions that the experience brought on, perhaps the smartest decision we made was to use this opportunity to complete some much-needed repairs/ upgrades to our 15-year old home.   Plan A was simply to have the old carpet replaced, but without much twisting of the arm, we quickly fell in love with the idea of laminates.


before and after stairs nov 2014 pic 1


If you look closely, you can see what 15 years did to our stairs, and why it did not take much coercing to splurge on the new flooring.   15 years of food spills, dog hair, and God-knows-what from the bottom of our shoes were just a few of several culprits.


before and after game room nov 2014 pic 1


With every new level comes a new “devil.”  I had 3 plants that I now have to try new tricks to water—right after our refrigerator’s ice machine stopped making ice.   Also, these new non-carpeted floors take on the temperature of the house, so for those two weeks of winter we get in coastal Texas, our toesies are oh, so cold.   I know—first world problems, right?

before and after bedrooms nov 2014 pic 1


We are very thankful.


Once the floors were completed, we still have a way to go.   One of the walls of our son’s room had to be rebuilt, in part, because of the extent of the drip after the “repair.”   Consequently, there is painting left to do.   And let us not forget that in order for the contractor to lay the floors, we had to move over 20 years of marriage and family downstairs.

family room nov 2014



great room nov 2014

How does an introvert who thrives in a routine and who needs some organization to be productive survive in all of this??!!

It occurs to me that my husband and I have talked for years about taking an opportunity to move into a smaller home.   Our son will leave us in a little more than a year for college, and we really have way too much home for the three of us who will remain here more permanently.   But, for all of the conversation, we have never made any serious moves toward leaving, Having walked through this experience, I know why: we simply need to throw away soooooo much stuff.   Having said that, we are approaching putting our home back together as an opportunity—an opportunity to declutter, to give, to categorize, and to streamline.    It might take a little longer than we planned to make our house a home again, but, with a clearer head, I can see God’s hand, and even gain a sense of direction as to where we need to go from here.   I just wish that gentle nudge from the Holy Spirit had been a bit more gentle, especially on our purse strings.  Then again, how would I have responded?  Would I have paid attention, or would I have continued to be a stiff-necked one with my lips flapping?   I suspect the latter.   So, I continue to trust God, and to put one foot in front of the other, stepping where I believe He is leading us.


                For we know that ALL things work together for good for those that love the Lord and are

called according to His purpose.  

                                                                                                                             Romans 8:28


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