As If No One is Reading…

I looked at the post date of my last post–Christmas Eve–and was deeply chagrined that I had not been writing more.  It’s not as if I haven’t been busy living life, with plenty of thoughts to jot down somewhere in between.   But that’s just it…I’ve been busy.   More specifically, I have been busy with the task of rebuilding our home–painting, moving, organizing, and giving / throwing away.   I have been even busier educating our children, and working diligently to educate myself in how to best educate them.  (Did that make sense)?

I have also been busy writing–on my other blog, and here (at least in my head).   And I have been writing for other people.   But somewhere in the midst of perfecting my words for the integrity of others’ sites, I fell into a mode of not writing unless I had 700+ words.   Worse, I ended the year having to find my own lost voice.

So…I entered the new year with no resolutions, but instead with a commitment to finish the work that God began in me years ago: to write.   I have curriculum to write, posts to write, and ideas to develop.   And as I’ve not been able to “make a tent,” as the apostle Paul once lamented when he found his ministry substantial but his pockets light, I believe this is my time to take another step forward in my ministry (such as it is) and my business.

We have entered the new year with a number of challenges, but I look forward to embracing a new level of transparency in my writing.   That means that sometimes I will have alot to say; sometimes I will be able to sum up my thoughts with very few words.   And it’s all okay, because it is my voice, and I will use this corner to place a pen to it as if no one is watching.

jan 2015 typing blog post pic 3


2 thoughts on “As If No One is Reading…

  1. Thanks for this post I needed it. Its important to not let life or the very high expectations you set for your stuff silence you. Sometimes it means just writing and not publishing but to keep the writting habit. I get that now


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