Spring Has Sprung (the 2015 flower garden)

Our winter was surprisingly mild, I think, as compared to the rest of the world.   Bear in mind that we almost never have more than 2 weeks of “real” winter, but even when other regions were frozen under, we just did not have enough brrrrr  in our days.   However, we did have enough of a cold snap to kill our banana trees.   Hence, we begin in the backyard with the annual banana tree clean-up, where this…


spring garden 2015 shot 3

became this, once the new sprout-lings glimpsed the sun …

spring garden 2015 shot 2

The front yard was not much better.   Our oak tree leaves form a protective covering of their own, sealing in the moisture from the recent rain.   However, at winter’s end, we still have to clear our flower beds of weeds and clover–of the unlucky variety.

spring garden 2015 shot 1

Years and aches and pains force me to pace myself with yard work as mind (i.e., willpower) and muscles combat one another for mastery over my body.   Thankfully, I have a husband who will get outside and work until sunset–and then some–so that we make faster progress than I might accomplish on my own.   The couple that weeds and mulches together, well , you know…

spring garden 2015 shot 5 spring garden 2015 shot 6

As the yard takes shape and form, I am even hoping to purchase caladiums bulbs for showing later in the summer, as the weather gets even warmer.  These pictures are from previous summers.

Currently, we also have sage and lavender growing in pots.   Time for great infused waters, teas, and cookies.

spring garden 2015 shot 4 spring garden 2015 shot 7

I also need to find a gardening-to-walking ratio, as in x number of hours on my knees digging equals x number of miles walking.    Any ideas?


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