4 Things I’m Doing After the Conference

As believers in Christ, we are taught to ‘count it all joy,’ or rather, to understand that even our toughest challenges will become seasons of celebration–if we focus on what the Lord is doing in the process.   I think sometimes that processing produces a patient servant, but I struggle with that joyful aspect of the waiting. Maybe I confuse superficial happiness with deep-down joy.

I cannot speak for anyone else, but I much prefer the times when I don’t have to concern myself with the process.   Of course, I wouldn’t grow spiritually in this way, but I sometimes stare at our landscaping and wonder the Lord doesn’t just burn a bush and start talking.   I can say, however, that even though I have yet to have to put out any fires, every now and then, the Lord speaks with clarity and conviction, and His Word compels me to move–now.

I attended an amazing conference this past weekend where I received such direction in my own life, both personally and professionally.  In fact, I was so excited until I woke up the next day with all my plans and rekindled hopes and dreams still on my mind.   Part of my new “action plan” involved changes to our homeschooling day.  I asked my daughter, who went with me to help with our vendor table, to get something done as a part of the new plan.   Color me surprised when I didn’t quite get the enthusiasm that I expected.   It was at this point that it occurred to me the impact of my experience over the weekend, and what it means to me now as I fly home.  So I thought to perhaps pen my thoughts, in no particular order, such that my next steps will continue to be clear–at least to me.   This post could just as easily be called “What to do when you leave the conference and want to change the world, but the world think it’s doing just fine,”   but all of that won’t fit in the title box. (smile)  Hopefully one day someone will read this and totally relate.

belinda and savannah aahm conference sep 2015 black and white

  1. Continue to ruminate.   I need to continue to allow the Lord to speak to me.  There are details, and as I move, I’ll need a keener sense of Him such that I don’t get ahead of Him.  I need to banish fear, which has kept me from moving forward for far too long.
  2. Everything does not have to happen now.  I got great information and a fresh perspective.  But if I try to do all that I am thinking at once, there’ll be mutiny!  So I have to establish priorities.  What changes are most important to me?  To our family?  Also, what changes are easiest to make?
  3. Be in the moment with your family.   Before I commence the overhaul (such as it is), I have been away from my husband and son for two days.  I need to give hugs and kisses.  I need to hear about their time together.  I want to find out what they might need, and even if  I choose not to commit to it right away,  I have heard them, and I have a plan.
  4. Remember your experience versus everyone else’s.   I have to remind myself that I have new information; no one else has what I have.  I am farther down the pike, so to speak, with what I perceive as the revised vision.  I should not expect everyone else to jump on board because I said so.   I need to share what I know.  I need buy-in.  Primarily, I need to pray such that our transitions, however and whenever they occur, will be smooth.

What does all of this look like in our home?  Well, with the Lord’s guidance, there’ll be more posts to come.


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