Salt and Light in Every Day, in Every Way

Recently, I received a note from a friend.   She wrote simply, but profoundly, as she often does, about the circumstances of her life.   She was drowning under the weight of fear and anxiety, and her spirit was undoubtedly troubled.   Her message was simply, “I put on a certain face for Facebook because I don’t want the people around me to grow worried, but I don’t want you to think that I am living this perfect life for Christ; the truth is that I am hurting.”

There were several thoughts that fought for first place in my mind having read her note.    I thought about how I have yet to meet a person who used Facebook to accurately portray his or her life.   Maybe Facebook (or Twitter or a blog, for that matter) is not the place for it; maybe we are just too wrapped up in the idea that we can appear near-perfect if we just put forth the right pictures, “like” all the cool pictures and become “friends” the right folks.

I also thought about, given the superficiality that social media affords us all, how many chances we might miss to minister to someone who is truly in pain.

I’d love for you to enjoy more of my perspective on us, the followers of Christ, as salt and light to the world.   See it in this month’s contribution to Joy Comes in the Morning.



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