Just Remember Jesus

You do not need me to tell you that little in the world gives us an opportunity to celebrate these days.   As I write, we are within a week of the murder of 14 Californians at the hands of terrorists.   The world, not knowing a Savior to whom it can turn, works hard to fill our hearts with fear and negativity.   There are many, including men and women of God, who express stronger belief in the power to hate and to kill than in the power to love.

Oh, if only the true Body of Christ would rise such that the enemy would have to scatter…

I know it is not easy for everyone at Christmas time, so I am sensitive to delivering words that belittle what some go through in this season of seasons.   Having said that, my message is a simple reminder of why this season exists.   Past the trees, past the garland and the silver bells, past the gifts, the food, family and festivities, one thing remains.

photo found on cineplex.com

photo found on cineplex.com

I share more about my thoughts on this particular holiday season in this month’s contribution to Joy Comes in the Morning.   Merry Christmas, friends, and a joyous holiday season to each of you.


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