More Holy Spirit, Less of Me

Well, for starters, Happy (albeit, belated) Valentine’s Day!    This month is also our wedding anniversary—no. 24 this year—so it’s a very special time for us.

reg and b nov 2015 shot 21

I am also in the throes of completing all the documentation, running about (physically and mentally), and the many other sundry tasks that come with getting two children settled into college for this-coming fall.  One of those two is close to attending graduate school—I’m feeling so old (but fabulous–lol)!

college bound collage shot 1

I have spent most of this month carrying out those tasks that are making me a Believer that is keener to the voice and will of the Holy Spirit, and consequently, a better businesswoman, and a more productive family member.

Our youth pastor talked about the Holy Spirit, and how the Holy Spirit is a personage of God that we as Believers in Christ do not know well enough.   Of course, the scripture tells us clearly the Holy Spirit is a comforter and our source of revelation (John 16:7).   We are also told that the Holy Spirit intercedes our prayers for us before they reach the Father’s ears (Romans 8:26-27), and helps us to interpret God’s will for us as it comes through His Word (1 Corinthians 2:14).   But, as our youth pastor explained, we need the Holy Spirit to do something far more basic:

help me love jesus shot 1

So, as I move forward, I am finding that the simple act of relying less and less on myself, and more and more on a keen sense of discernment of the Holy Spirit is helping me accomplish far more in 2 months than I have accomplished in some of the previous years!     There are some practical strategies that are helping me get more done, after moving in what I believe to be the right direction spiritually:

  • Having accountability
  • Recognizing the fear(s) that breed procrastination (and then taking action)
  • Learning to say “no” to things that do not help me move forward

That last item, learning to say “no,” is a blog post all its own, and I have been dealing with that issue since the last week of December.   I look forward to talking about it, and a number of other odds and ends about this walk with the Father, in the weeks to come.


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