My Natural Hair Journey, Chapter 32: Eating for Two

It’s been a minute since I have written anything about my hair, and the journey to health and wholeness which began with the simple decision in 2010 to transition from my chemical perm.  The truth is that there comes a point when natural is the status quo, and, unless you are an aspiring expert or a style setter, there isn’t a whole lot to say.

My twist-out was its freshest about 5 days ago.   BUT, with the kids gone for spring break, I was proud that I managed to put my hair into 4 big twists at night.  I will be the first, however, to admit that honeymooning can wreak havoc on a hair regimen. (wink)



So, this morning, like every morning this semi-vacation week, I took my twists down before dashing off to a matinee with the family, and only later did I actually look at my style.   It’s Texas-sized (at least for me)!!

I think that somewhere, we (collectively speaking) have gotten off-track with hair care and maintenance.   And of course, some of that is to be expected in an industry where there are millions to be spent and made.   Between the numbers of professional hair care lines, and the numbers of would-be/ wanna-be professionals who cry out for subscriptions, e-book and independent product line purchases, you could spend the last of your cents and sense on all things natural hair.   Personally, I just turned 50, and I have become quite introspective when it comes to my own cents–and sense.

I don’t care about what celebrity is using a given product, or how fabulous her hair looks (even if we only get to see it before she has her weave reattached).

I subscribe to no one’s You Tube channel, although there are some ladies who are truly inspiring.  I have seen the hair vlogging community evolve from a group of ladies whose only motive was to help those coming behind them, to a full-blown business opportunity where product loyalties are regularly bought and sold.

I have a few styles that work for me, and I don’t venture too far from them, even though I Pin many hairstyles as inspiration and motivation.

Hair, and this phase of my “journey,” is strictly about health, and at this point, I spend much of my time adjusting my regimen–from the inside-out.  I eat with two in mind–me and my hair.

herbal teas for hair

Years ago, I posted my observation that when I, as mama, went natural, everyone went natural.   Stated otherwise, as the manager of the house, when I changed my diet, everyone else’s diet changed, more or less.   I am increasingly cognizant of what ingredients exist in what foods, and what is the impact of that food on my hair as well as my overall health.

Teas are just one example, and my newest fetish.  Though I have always been a coffee and tea drinker, only recently have I begun to drink them for function in addition to simple relaxation.   I’ve been drinking the two pictured above like water once I found out the MANY benefits of stinging nettle and a new way to get more of my new favorite detangler, marshmallow root, via this “throat coat” tea.   Flax seeds still remain my favorite styling gel, and they make great smoothie ingredients.

There are numerous places to get good natural product and DIY-type information.  These are just a couple of sites that I like to peruse:

Last, but certainly not least, there is always the ingredient dictionary to which I refer time and time again:

It’s all about being intentional–a word we all hear quite a bit in these times.  We are called to be intentional about how we use our time and our resources, including family time and spousal time, and  time spent on professional and personal goals.  Intentionality can just as easily apply to fueling yourself so that you can be effective in doing all of these things, and having healthy hair, skin, and nails as an added benefit.

As proof-positive of how convinced I am about dietary changes, I am actually in the market for–I cannot believe I’m saying this–beets to plant!!   The energy plus the red dye potential as a henna additive?  Forget about it!

Still not ready to take a closer look at your diet for your coif’s sake?   Consider this article regarding the dinner for two.   I’d love to “hear” about how changing your hair is changing your diet, too.



p.s. After all my excitement, I found out that beets are a fall /winter veggie in our state.  Oh, well, here’s to 2017, if the Lord tarries.  Oy.




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