Something Happens When You Turn 50

It is interesting that, though this post has been crafted on my mind and heart for weeks now, I am actually typing it on the day after the legendary Prince expired.   This musical icon was so much a part of the soundtrack of my teen and young adult years until the news of losing him struck me like a brick.   Indeed, it seems as if we have lost a host of great musicians at a timing that is considered “all too soon.”   The lesson of all of this, in my mind, is to live my life to the best of my abilities on today; tomorrow is not promised to any of us, regardless of our fame and fortune.

I have posted for years now about living strategically, being true to purpose, and understanding your spiritual anointing and appointment.   It occurs to me, not being too far off the age of Prince, or MJ or Whitney, for that matter, when they left this earth, that I have begun to look at life—and death—a little differently.  (Consider this also a what-I-have-been-doing-the-last-month-such-that-I-have-neglected-my-blog update).

In short, something happens when you turn 50.

Aches and pains, though intermittent, come out of nowhere and for no reason.

Taking a nap feels like you just heard the juiciest secret.

You realize that there is more time behind you than ahead of you, making you even more attentive to how/ when/ where you spend your energy.

That same realization prompts you to be ever more cognizant of your habits—eating, exercise, and all things everyday maintenance.

bryant terry cookbook collage

If my post sounds too morbid thus far, take heart: 50 does not imply that you need to start grave digging just yet.   In fact, these are the years of simple indulgences without guilt.   Having begun our family at what some would consider a ‘late age,’ (I birthed our oldest child just before I turned 30), I am still not an empty-nester yet.  But I can see it from here, along with a season where not every need we have will take its place behind growing feet, braces, and college tuitions.   I haven’t been a huge shopper since I went to college myself, but it feels good to let the make-due woman go and buy a new shirt or pair of jeans once in a while.

Back to turning 50.  You grow more attentive to seasons, and the inevitable changes.  If there is one thing that reminds me of growing older (besides night sweats), it is my incredible shrinking family.  This was a recent trip to the Georgia Aquarium now that our youngest can actually remember what she saw, and our first trip, with my sister in tow, almost 10 years ago.

ga aquarium collage

You pay so much more attention to the people around you, your connectivity to them (or lack thereof), and what each person’s presence means in your life.   I had my growing pains, but I miss these guys so much.

parent collage pic 1 april 2016

So, as I grow more intent in my Bible study over my medicinally purposeful teas and research even more ways to eat leafy green vegetables (did you know that they are great arthritis fighters?), it occurs to me that even the future of this blog is up for grabs.   Everything has its season, and I just want to be ready for whatever path the Lord places before me.

‘Speak Lord, for your servant is listening.’  1 Samuel 3:9.


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