My Natural Hair Journey, Chapter 33: (Not so) Fiery

After toying with my increasing strands of grey hair for a number of months and years, I made a decision  several years back to try henna.   The promise of a natural, gradual color change and the hair health benefits had me sold.

That was three years ago, and I have not regretted the decision–not even once.   I love henna.   I love the way my hair still maintains its pre-henna reddish brown appearance, but then something special happens in sunlight, almost like revealing a well-kept secret.


(forgive the glare from my glasses–I am still working on my selfie skills)


reg and b march 2016 outside ctab

But, if I had a “bone to pick,” so to speak, it would be that 90+ percent of my gray is in my hairline.   Since that bone would be moreso with God than with the henna manufacturers, I suppose I’ll keep quiet.

What that means is that the henna is fiery red where it covers the grey, providing those sunny highlights everywhere else.


(shown here with a little of the grey that it normally covers)


As much blue hair and green  and pink streaks as I have seen in recent months and years, I suppose that, on one hand, I am just fitting in with a younger crowd, yes?  Well, not exactly.

I used Jamila Henna for these past three years.  In truth, I am averse to a permanent dye, but I did want a noticeable change.   I confess, however, that I sure would prefer a more gradual transition from the fire to the ember that is my coif right now.   So, I changed my henna process by actually using Moroccan henna, which is more suitable for darker brown or even black highlights (when mixed with indigo).   Moroccan henna boasts a lower percentage of Lawsome (the dye molecule in henna plants), and is advertised to produce darker highlights than the almost orange-red of the Jamila or the Red Rajisthani.  I mixed the Moroccan with amla powder, beets and dried hibiscus flowers in order to avoid hair that would eventually be too brown for my personal taste.  My recipe is based upon an article I found at LavishlyNatural.

So, this is darker, right?


Maybe.  That’s the thing about henna.  You won’t know for a while.

What, then, is the moral of this story?   For me, I am constantly learning–and admiring–how God put in His creation every single thing that a woman would need to look and feel lovely.   Also, while I experiment with a shade of red that I can completely enjoy, I am learning to stop complaining and just settle into my “silver halo.”   Ha ha.   Be blessed, dear friends.


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