Who is Belinda–simply?

Welcome to my small corner of a large cyberworld.  I love to write, mostly about those facets of my life that I consider to be life passions.   One of those passions is my savior and Lord Jesus Christ.   Another is my husband and best friend of almost 24 years.

reg and b oct 2014 rainbow lodge
Another of my passions is our three beautiful children–our son is “sandwiched” by two daughters.

On my other blog (http://blessedheritagechronicles.com), I talk about all things homeschool–family, curriculum, ups and downs, conferences, and health as it relates to productive students and parents.   However, here I talk about my life outside of our “classroom.” I am a homeschool teacher, but I also teach “big kids” as a college instructor.   Finally, I am a business owner and writer.   God has anointed me to write American history curriculum and related products that feature the African-American presence in  building this great nation.

Blessed Heritage logo I would love for you to visit the product site at http://www.blessedheritage.com.    If you’d care to link with me elsewhere, I also contribute regularly to the Home Educating Family blog,  Heart of the Matter, and Women Walking with Jesus as a writer, and less regularly to  Home Educating Family Magazine.  Finally, feel free to join me over at the Homeschool Lounge, or to follow me on Twitter or Facebook!


What else is there to know about me?    I am a sports fan (NFL lover, NBA liker), a mediocre seamstress, and a scrapbooker whose tools have collected dust for far too long.    I enjoy reading with my children, and I love to travel.  And there is one more thing…my passion for natural hair, which began around 2008 with our daughters’ hair.   Personally, I didn’t bite the proverbial bullet to transition until 2010, but I documented it all here–my transition, my hair pics, and all the other changes that have occurred in my life as I embrace God’s plan A.

belinda twist out sep 2015


However you found me, welcome, and I pray that my words encourage and inspire you.    If you’d like, feel free to e-mail me at belinda.bullard@blessedheritage.com.


3 thoughts on “Who is Belinda–simply?

  1. Hello my name is Donna, I’m a wife and a mother of 2 girls Neamiyah 6 and Toni 12 and we live in Arizona. I would like to homeschool my children. I’m having a hard time figuring out what program is the best and how to make it work. I believe that homeschooling is and will be the best thing for my children.

    Thank you,


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